Sr. DevOps Engineer

Sr. DevOps Engineer
Sr. DevOps Engineer

Job Description:  

  • Manage & Handel large-scale server environments including deployment, administration, networking, performance monitoring/tuning, security hardening, troubleshooting, and production operations.
  • Install, configure, monitor, and maintain production and testing servers and services.
  • Scale up and set up our cloud infrastructure to fit the ongoing requirements for our fast-growing products.
  • Deploy, configure and manage large-scale Backups, and replications.
  • Setup monitoring and tracking to all running services and maintain them to maximize the uptime of the service
  • Architect, design and implement secure build and deploy automation solutions, enhance, and maintain existing automation (Jenkins, Bitbucket).
  • Provide environments/operations triage support to troubleshoot & resolve build and deploy issues encountered in production, development, and test environments.
  • Responsibility includes both workday and night/weekend on-call support as required to maintain the high availability of the applications for all users.
  • Write clean, stable, and safe code in short time frames and frequent increments.
  • Collaborate with Delivery and Operations teams to improve automation of workflows, infrastructure, code testing, and deployment.
  • Work with software application developers to architect, configure, and troubleshoot application servers locally.


Job Qualifications:  

Bachelor’s degree in computer science or equivalent filed.


Professional Experience: 
Experience: 3-5 years of experience.

Technical Skills:  

  • Linux Server Administration
  • Docker Building, Running, and Configuration
  • Apache and Nginx Server Configuration
  • Good knowledge and experience on one scripting language and one programming language at least (preferred NodeJS and shell scripting).
  • DevOps Professional certificate or Solution Architect certificate is a plus.
  • Large Scale Database Configuration, Maintenance, Replica, Backups, and restore
  • Running testing automation and generating reports.
  • Jenkins Pipelines (or similar) for both Web and Mobile Apps.
  • Different types of database (MYSQL, Postgres, NoSQL, Dynamodb) management, monitoring and backup strategies.
  • Managing Git servers and Git workflows.

Interpersonal Skills: 

  • Excellent communication and collaboration skills.
  • Excellent knowledge of Agile principles.
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills, and the ability to work transversely across multiple software products.
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