Equality in Responsibility

Equality in Responsibility
Equality in Responsibility
Equality in Responsibility


At egabi, corporate social responsibility is an integral part of our business philosophy and operations. We believe companies should play an active role in addressing societal needs and environmental issues while creating a difference. Believing that the growth and success of our company depend on the well-being and prosperity of the communities we serve, we define CSR as a strategic priority by complying with responsible business model standards and OECD guidelines, integrating social and environmental concerns into our business practices. egabi’s goal is to create shared values and empower people through technology solutions while building a sustainable future for all, by focusing on developing community, ensuring privacy and data security, and maintaining our ethics of profit in addition to enhancing our environmental management practice through capitalizing on our CSR pillars

We aim to positively participate in our local communities where we can, through direct engagement or encouraging employees’ volunteerism and contribution in different community programs’ stages, starting philanthropic and transactional events to integrative activities.

Initiatives On ground
egabi, plays a big role in developing their communities on both social and environmental dimensions through building beneficial solutions directly impacting citizens’ services as;

  • Marriage Process Automation and Certificate Digitization
  • Digital Justice Platform 
  • Fishery Farming Management 
  • Geospatial Platform for Territorial Planning


Additionally, in the last years, egabi executed many social events and philanthropic transactions:

  • Completing an average of 5,000 Internship hours per year.
  • Providing job opportunities tailored for the younger generation.
  • Train to hire initiatives with the corporation of local institutions, universities & other
  • companies for increasing the employment opportunities for youth.
  • Partnership with local universities & executing career development sessions at
  • universities’ premises with senior employees’ volunteerism. 
  • Organizing social events for employees throughout the last years with an average of 5 events per year.
  • The ongoing environmental management focus of our Go Green initiative is reflected in energy consumption, minimizing generated waste & pollution, minimizing printable materials, and having recycle bins in the workplace.
  • Charitable activities with company & employee donations, engagement & volunteerism such as medical caravans, blood donations, blankets, and family feeding boxes’ distribution.
  • Revamping Egyptian local schools in terms of school facilities, laboratories & electronic equipment.