Digital Audit Platform

Compliance is the foundation of Success
Compliance is the foundation of Success

The Solution automates and facilitates various types of regular audit tasks to verify entities and processes compliance.

It helps capture detailed information during audits, generate shareable audit reports faster, and manage corrective actions and tasks with ease.

A customized audit checklist is used to verify the compliance of the audited entity/process, then issue a detailed compliance report indicating all NC items and needed action. Such compliance reports are used to build the required analysis and dashboards.


The value

●    Automation of the data collection process which leads to minimize human errors. 
●    Make the data collection process much faster and more secure. 
●    Using the cloud will make it easy for the organization to scale-up.

●    Visualize the data collection results into a number of dashboards to help the decision makers in taking immediate actions to control and/or prevent violations. 
●    Dynamic audit checklist builder that helps admins to build any type of audit checklist to be applied to different types of entities. 
●    Compliant with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 


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