Digital Justice Platform

Swift and Fair Justice for a Better Society
Swift and Fair Justice for a Better Society

An Integrated centralized platform that automates the full cycle of Litigation procedures, starting from the police stations till reaching the courts through the prosecution office.


It provides a fully automated workflow cycle, from various departments to prosecution offices and courts, with a comprehensive list of services that cover the full process from entry of records by submitting a complaint at the police station, issuing the police record, processing records to Public Prosecution office for necessary investigations and take needed actions, preparing the complete case to escalate it to the related court till adjudicating the case and issuing needed judicial rulings and the execution of the process.


Cases data are exchanged at an extremely high speed, and obtaining statistics, reports, and monitoring the progress of work in different entities are done instantly without waiting for periodic reports and statistics.


The appeals system is also automated without requiring the physical presence of the concerned individual at the prosecution's premises, accordingly saving time and effort for individuals and entities.



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