Portals and E-Services Development

Digitally Transforming Enterprises and Government Entities through Innovative Portals and e-Services.

We specialize in implementing, customizing, and localizing comprehensive Portals and E-Services, helping public and private entities in their digital transformation journey. By leveraging various technologies and platforms, we cater to both internal and external users through intranet and internet portals. Our services enable users to access and perform numerous transactions, including registration, inquiries, payments, and request execution. Furthermore, they provide access to a wealth of information, both general and organization-specific.

Our comprehensive Portal and E-Services Development services facilitate connections between beneficiaries and organizations, addressing Business-to-Employee (B2E), Business-to-Consumer (B2C), Government-to-Citizen (G2C), and Government-to-Employee (G2E) scenarios. We employ a user-centered approach in our UX/UI design, ensuring that users can easily access critical services and information.

By utilizing reusable components and microservices architecture, we enable fast delivery and easy customization to align with our clients' unique business requirements, future goals, and delivery speed. Security and privacy are critical in our solutions, ensuring the protection of user data and compliance with relevant regulations. And, we follow a robust security strategy in our portals and e-services, ensuring top-notch software security protocols for all our clients. We offer these solutions on multiple technology platforms, including Opensource tools and platforms, .NET, and Java.


Portals and E-Services Development

Why egabi?

egabi specializes in portal and e-service solutions that support digital transformation for corporations and governments. With a long track record of successful deliveries of projects with user-centric design, versatile technologies, and an emphasis on security, we ensure seamless integration and efficient delivery of essential services and information. 


Relying on our deep experience and agile methodology, we guarantee the on-time and on-budget delivery of futuristic solutions, ensuring compliance with business and industry practices.

We design our solutions with a well-studied UI/UX focus, ensuring responsiveness and ease of use for a wide variety of users.

Digitize your organization with egabi’s Scalable Portals and E-Services

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