Big Data, Data Lakes, and Data Hubs

egabi takes pride in offering an innovative variety of data services, featuring the implementation of the latest trending technologies in providing customized Big Data, Data Lakes, and Data Hubs services.


We provide end-to-end data management and analytics services, starting with preparing infrastructure and extracting data from a variety of sources to building models and presenting insights through dashboards. Our expertise in handling both structured and unstructured data allows organizations to unlock the full potential of their data and make well-informed decisions.


We help organizations establish a powerful data infrastructure that integrates seamlessly with existing systems and scales for future growth. We also offer Data Extraction services, which involve collecting data from diverse sources like IoT devices, social media, and backend applications to create a solid foundation for analysis. Furthermore, we specialize in storing structured and unstructured data across multiple platforms, ensuring secure and efficient data management. Lastly, our Advanced Analytics and Presentation services utilize machine learning, predictive analytics, data discovery, and profiling tools to build data models and present valuable insights through intuitive dashboards. This empowers organizations with actionable information, leading to improved decision-making.

Data Warehousing

Discover the limitless possibilities of data with egabi's comprehensive range of services. Among our exceptional offerings is Data Warehousing, a game-changing solution designed to elevate your business intelligence, save valuable time, enhance data quality and consistency, drive remarkable ROI, and revolutionize your decision-making processes.


At egabi, we leverage state-of-the-art technology and industry best practices to provide end-to-end data management and analytics services. Our journey begins with building a powerful infrastructure and seamlessly extracting data from multiple sources in a business-friendly manner, ensuring effortless insights and reporting. We then embark on constructing advanced models and presenting actionable insights through dynamic dashboards. Our solutions guarantee scalability, security, and outstanding performance for your data warehouse.


Whether you're seeking a ground-up construction of a data warehouse or optimization of an existing one, we possess the expertise and knowledge to establish a robust data infrastructure that seamlessly integrates with your current systems and accommodates future growth. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction sets us apart from the competition. We understand the significance of timely and efficient delivery, working closely with our clients to ensure their data warehouse is delivered on time and within budget.

Data Visualization

egabi specializes in Data Visualization, a key line of our cutting-edge Trending Technologies services. We focus on helping organizations unlock the full potential of their data by transforming it into visually engaging and easily understandable insights for a different levels of decision-making and actions inside the organization. Through the effective use of data visualization techniques and state-of-the-art BI tools with many other technologies, we enable businesses and governments to make better-informed, data-driven decisions.


Our Data Visualization services transform raw data from sources like Excel sheets, text files, databases, etc., into visually engaging graphs and charts, both static and interactive, to use within departmental portals or solutions. 

Why egabi?

egabi is committed to providing innovative and comprehensive data Analytics services tailored to your organization's needs.      

By combining cutting-edge technologies and our team's expertise in data science, analysis, dashboard development, extraction, and architecture, we deliver actionable insights for improved decision-making. 

Our approach focuses on understanding your specific organization’s management requirements and delivering tailored services that address your unique challenges.

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