In Loving Memory of Mr. Sameh Gamal El Din (1955-2023)

We extend our deepest condolences to the family and colleagues of Sameh (1955-2023), a remarkable leader, founder, and father figure of egabi, our esteemed organization. Sameh’s exceptional career spanned from 1955 to 2023, encompassing over 35 years in the IT professional services sector, where he showcased unparalleled expertise and dedication.

Throughout his journey, Sameh made invaluable contributions to the IT departments of major national and multinational banks, focusing on all aspects of banking applications including core systems, retail banking, operations, risk management, and planning. From the early years to the present, his profound knowledge and innovative solutions have left a lasting impact on the industry.

After his tenure at the IT department, Sameh joined NCR Corporation, where he became a renowned solution provider to the banking industry. With a perfect blend of his expertise and NCR’s system integration capacity, he spearheaded transformative initiatives that revolutionized banking operations. However, Sameh’s true entrepreneurial spirit and unwavering passion led him to embark on a new path.

He made the bold decision to leave NCR and establish BSD (Banking System Development). Under Sameh’s visionary leadership, BSD experienced rapid growth and emerged as a prominent player in the industry. His exceptional leadership skills, combined with his natural talent for team building, nurtured a supportive and cohesive work environment.

In 2006, Sameh foresaw the need to expand BSD’s operations and reach greater heights. With strategic alignment and active partnerships, he transformed BSD into egabi, infusing new capital and assembling an expanded management team. Sameh’s guidance and expertise propelled egabi to new horizons.

As a leader and father figure, Sameh fostered the growth of egabi’s professional services team, significantly increasing its size, functional capabilities, and industry coverage. Today, egabi proudly serves diverse sectors such as banking, financial services, telecommunications, and government, thanks to Sameh’s astute focus on process excellence. The legacy of Sameh’s exceptional leadership and entrepreneurial spirit continues to inspire us all.

His vision and unwavering commitment to excellence will guide us as we carry forward his profound impact. During this difficult time, our thoughts and sympathies are with Sameh’s family, friends, and the entire egabi community, who have lost not only a visionary leader but also a beloved father figure.

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