Lesotho Geospatial Platform for Territorial Planning

This successful platform is implemented by egabi Solutions during, sponsored by the World Food Programme and supervised by El Sewedy Electric International.    

Lesotho Geospatial Platform for Territorial Planning is a centralized GIS (Geographical Information System) based solution that provides high-quality consolidated geospatial information including spatial and non-spatial data as maps, imageries, and sectorial datasets to government ministries and agencies. 

This platform is based on state-of-the-art Esri technology which provides data visualization, spatial analysis, and user interaction functionalities enabling accurate decision making, better utilization of resources, better return on investments and public expenditure in addition to better operation and strategic planning.     

This Project serves 6 ministries, and we are hopeful to extend it to the whole government in the near future. By using this platform, the Kingdom of Lesotho will be able to optimize government expenses in related sectors and have a better deforestation analysis and water usage among other many country-wide indicators. 

Lesotho Geospatial Platform for Territorial Planning

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